One of the expensive problems in mapping: keeping maps updated with “street level data” about signs, addresses etc.

Companies like Apple and Alphabet Inc -- send out fleets of vehicles outfitted with cameras and other sensors to gather images + fetch user data posted on their platforms.

Mapillary - crowdsources images, ingesting pictures contributed from smart phones and other types of cameras.

Why then sell to Facebook crowdsourced intelligence?

@mose so they are going to give all the mapping data and images away for free and under open source licenses? i didnt know that, sounds like a very good thing for most people, no matter what facebooks motivations are.


@felix From the linked article: "This is a strategy known as “commoditizing your complement,” that I first read about in an excellent article from the mysterious internet journalist/researcher Gwern. Essentially, if you’re getting your ass handed to you by a competitor with a software or data advantage you can’t replicate yourself, you can use permissive licensing as a weapon to erode that advantage by encouraging the world to collaborate with you."

I am with you on the benefits to most people.

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